humane goose management


The St. Louis area now has a reliable and cost effective alternative to expensive and potentially dangerous chemical solutions or the inhumane round-ups and slaughter to Canada Goose control.

Humane Goose Management of the Salty Dog Group is offering FREE demonstrations and consultations on goose removal on your property utilizing humane methods of goose control.  These methods include the use of specially trained border collies that “herd” the geese humanely from areas they are not wanted including ponds & lakes.  Additionally, remote controlled vehicles and canoes are utilized in hard to get to pond/lake areas especially in the winter months.

If you are serious about confronting the Canada Goose population humanely, call us to set up a free demonstration and consultation to discuss a program to deal with all aspects of goose control.  We are on call 24/7 to deal with aggressive birds and are licensed to addle goose eggs and to destroy nesting sites to help break the cycle of Canada Geese.

Our methods are endorsed by Geese Peace, Humane Society of U.S., MO Department of Conservation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, PETA and the Wildlife Center of MO.


Humane Goose Management

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